"I volunteered to read the Pie Rats novels to see in what context we could use them before Cameron's visit. I am known here as a "bookworm", reading anything and everything, and I can honestly say I have enjoyed Cameron's books as much as I enjoy a Matthew Reilly, a Nicholas Sparks or a John Grisham. I am very impressed with Cameron's writing, (especially enjoying the humorous parts) and I love the illustrations. " Teacher, Gooburrum State School.


A full time author since 2004, Cameron has a passion for creating exciting children’s books and inventing wonderful and appealing characters. Find out more about his books below. The easiest way to purchase school sets or individual copies of books for your library is by using the School order form or by visiting our online shop, Activity kits and teacher's notes are available on the resources page.

The Pie Rats Series

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Cameron’s internationally award-winning Pie Rats series of illustrated novels are enthralling reads for middle-to-upper primary years students. Woven throughout the witty text and detailed illustrations, are messages of hope, perseverance, loyalty, friendship and the importance of family. As a mentor, these are messages that Cameron brings into his workshops with students.

Visit the offical Pie Rats website. View the book trailers on the resources page.


The Stroogle Series

The six books in the Stroogle series use enchanting rhyme and vivid watercolour illustrations to bring the stories to life.

How-to-Draw Books

Cameron’s three how-to-draw publications give students a hands-on opportunity to create their own characters for stories.

The Scallywags Series (coming in 2018)

Look out for the new Pie Rats spinoff series, Scallywags, in mid 2018. Fun, zany adventures for early-to-middle primary year's students.



Purchase school sets or individual copies of books by using the School order form or by visiting our online shop,